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ClickMix is the newest online music service for Fitness Professionals.

What is ClickMix?

Simply put, ClickMix is custom music mixing made easy. It is primarily intended for use by fitness professionals who need 32-count music, but anyone can use it to make mixes.

For the first time ever, you can create your own custom mixes from a choice of thousands of single 32-count tracks, or browse the mixes made by other members and burn them to CD to use on the same day you buy them. Creating your own mix is easy. All you have to do is choose which tracks you want and then our automatic mixing system does the rest. Once the mix is completed, it is then downloaded to your computer so you can burn it to CD or transfer it to an iPod.

How Long Does It Take?

That is largely up to you. The system is designed to make finding tracks and creating a mix as quick and easy as possible, but spend as much time as you like browsing and selecting tracks. Once you have made your purchase, your tracks will usually be completely mixed and ready for download in about 5 minutes!


All tracks are $1.99. You only pay for the tracks you use, and the mixing and burning software is included for free. But here is the best part... Once you purchase a track, it goes into your library, and you can use the tracks again for free in other mixes up to 3 times. As you create mixes and build up your library, you will find that by reusing tracks, you can build a whole collection of mixes for less than buying traditional pre-mixed CDs!

We think this is a terrific value when you compare the cost of a ClickMix to a traditional fitness CD, where you will typically get 12 tracks for $22 to $30. A 12 track ClickMix is only $23.88, and you get to reuse the songs.\!

Is This Music Legal?

Yes! Power Music, Inc. is the creator of ClickMix and was the first (and remains one of the few) aerobics music providers to legally produce music for your fitness classes. In the United States, a record company that produces and distributes music must obtain permission from the copyright holders or owners of both the recording and the composition. These rights or licenses are secured from both the record company and music publisher respectively. Power Music, as the manufacturer, negotiates licenses with and pays fees and royalties to these copyright owners the masters and is responsible for the license fees associated with these two rights. Unlike pirated DJ tapes and many other fitness music providers, we pay record companies and music publishers for their contribution on each track you purchase. You have the security of knowing that with a ClickMix workout, no laws are being broken.