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Frequently Asked Question

Here are some of the most asked questions about ClickMix and the mix creation process. If you have any questions that are not answered here, please feel free to Contact Us amd we will do our best to help you.

Can I hear a mix before I buy it?

We aim to provide a great deal of musical choice on ClickMix and we upload more tracks every month. Unfortunately, not everything that has been recorded is available on our system. There are many artists that have not made their music available for downloads and the record companies have not released their entire back catalog of songs.

Can I get any song ever released from ClickMix?

Minimum 2 Maximum 15

How often will you be updating the music on ClickMix?

Constantly. We aim to upload at least 30 new tracks per month and most of these will be primarily new releases. If you cannot find the music that you want on ClickMix today, make sure that you check back at regular intervals as the site is being updated on a constant basis.

Can I copy this music to give to my friends?

No. You can copy this music to another device or burn it to a CD for your own use, which is perfectly legal, but it is illegal to let someone else have a copy or sell it.

Does any of the music on ClickMix contain "Explicit" lyrics?

We aim not to include any tracks of an "explicit" nature. If such tracks are made available they will be marked with an explicit tag.

There are 3 easy ways to enjoy your new ClickMix digitally.

Download your music via the free Power Music 1 app, available for both iPhone and Android. Just login to the app using your Power Music account info then go to “Purchased Products” in the “Explore” menu.

Download directly to iTunes. Go to “My Mixes”, and select the ClickMix you want to download. Choose the “Download to iTunes” button and iTunes will create an iTunes Playlist for your new mix.

Download as a Zip File. From “My Mixes”, select your desired ClickMix and select “Download Zip File”. Once downloaded, you can move your new music to your iPod or MP3 player.

Is there a maximum and minimum number of tracks that I can add to each mix?

Minimum 2

Maximum 15

How long will my Mix take to download?

This depends upon the speed of your broadband connection. An average 12-track album will take approximately 15 minutes.

Is there a maximum and minimum number of tracks that I can add to each mix?

The minimum number of tracks you can have in a mix is 2. You can add as many tracks as will fit onto a 80 minute CD, unless you prefer to download your mix to an iPod. In which case, it can be as large as you like.

What is a PreMix?

A PreMix is a mix that has been created, mixed and published by one of our members. ClickMix offers great PreMixes from Top Fitness Presenters and Training Providers that you can download at anytime. You can also publish your own mix to create a PreMix for others to download.

What payment methods can I use?

We accept all Major Credit Cards as methods of payment.

Where do I get a receipt for my purchases?

You will get an E-mail receipt for any purchase you make. You can also get receipts for any purchse by visiting the "Order History" section of the site, available under the "Manage My Account" menu.

How do I publish one of my mixes?

Go to “Manage My Account”, then “My Mixes”. Select the mix that you would like to publish as a pre-mix. At the bottom of your track listing will be an area where you can decide who will see your published mix, specify the type of class your mix is good for, title your mix and add any comments about your mix such as BPM, genre, etc. before clicking “Publish” to publish your mix.

Why can’t I hear the sample clips or the demo mix?

If the speakers on your computer are working properly and the volume is turned up, then you may need to download the latest version of Adobe’s Flash Player, which can be found for free at